What is the Best Inflatable Hot Tub?

The first time you got into an inflatable hot tub, it must have been a life changing moment. This was exactly what happened to me as a kid when I first got into a luxury spa that my parents had booked during a holiday. The feeling was incredible and I briefly remember being amazed at how it was similar to a swimming pool but with the hot relaxing water with the streams of bubbles coming out. Can you imagine how exciting that scene would be for a kid?

Going to a spa was very costly back in those days but nowadays, there are all kinds of inflatable hot tub machines available to the most average of customers. Before these were available, you would have to fork out a large amount of money just to get a hot tub installed into the bathroom.

The creation of inflatable hot tubs has made this luxurious spa experience very affordable for most people in the UK.Despite the affordable price, there are people who still love to find a bargain. As with things these days, we should always look for stuff that is associated with a good value and today, I will be introducing you to two tubs that will tick all the boxes for you in the sense that they will provide all the qualities required from an excellent spa. Buying a fairly cheap spa that you can use in your back garden will just be the best feeling ever and I am sure that you are just as excited as me.

Both products are made from Lay-Z-Spa and this manufacturer has achieved quite a bit in terms of popularity. Their Vegas Series spa is probably the best inflatable hot tub when it comes to providing great quality for a very affordable price. This is a fairly large spa that can fit quite a few people. To be precise, you can easily seat up to 6 adults inside but you might want to adjust this slightly to increase your comfort levels. I would say that this capacity makes the Vegas Series the perfect blow up hot tub for parties and other small get-togethers.

The Lay-Z-SPa Vegas is the best inflatable hot tub for the money.

Lay-Z-Spa products are well known for some of lots of different qualities and the main one includes the massage system. This can imitate a proper spa experience by adding bubbles and jets that can make your tub feel like a proper spa that you relaxed in at that expensive hotel and spa resort. It is extremely easy to assemble because it comes with complete instructions through the DVD and instruction list included. It is easy to inflate and deflate and you can easily move it quite easily too. The massage system combines with the heater very well. The low price adds a lot to the overall quality. You should also note that this was the best-selling blow up hot tub in the UK in 2013 and it still seems to be going pretty strong. This just tells you how good it is.

The Vegas Series costs a little bit over 300 pounds and this can still be beyond the budget of most people who are looking for a bargain. While it is doubtful that you will find a bargain within this category, it might still be worth looking at the Lay-Z-Spa Miami instead. This is the cheapest good quality inflatable spa available in the UK right now and will cost you quite a bit less than £300. Just like the Vegas Series, this is one of the best inflatable hot tubs out right now.

The Lay-Z-Spa Miami is also an excellent blow up hot tub.

It contains quite a lot of accessories and the mechanism of assembly and maintenance is similar and easy just like the Vegas Series. The massage system is great too and the heater performs on a similar level too. The main difference between the two tubs is that the Vegas Series is a larger spa while the Miami is just a tiny bit smaller in size. As a result of this, the Miami will only be able to seat a maximum of 4 people with the ideal capacity being 2 to 4 adults. This does not sound great when you compare it to a maximum capacity of 6 people as associated with the Vegas Series. However, a lot of people have smaller families and will prefer a smaller size if it means that they can save some money. In my opinion, you should go and spend a little more because the difference in the price is not too much. By spending a little bit more, it will mean that you will get a high quality best-selling inflatable hot tub that will have a lot more space. Even if you have a small family, getting the Vegas Series spa will provide a lot more space and thus, far higher comfort levels.

When it comes to these types of products, you should always look to save a little bit of money. Looking for a spa that performs brilliantly well but is associated with an affordable price is probably the best thing to do. In order to this, you need to read lots and lots of the best inflatable hot tub reviews. Even after doing this, you might feel that you are getting nowhere but you will find something eventually. The Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Series and Miami tubs are top of the list when it comes to these characteristics but even before buying these, you should read lots of reviews and do more research. This will ensure that you buy a machine that will not disappoint you in the future. This will be the right way of going about it and it will make sure that you get quality without going over your budget by too much.

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