Why You Need Radiator Covers

In many parts of the country, radiators are the norm for how to heat your home. They’ve been around for quite some time and are not easily – or cheaply – replaced with more modern central heating. So, if you have one and you’re looking for a way to eliminate it as a focal point, consider radiator covers. These are basically like boxes that you simply place over your radiator, but they have an added benefit as well – more efficient heating. We’ll cover more about these topics here.

You are probably looking to cover your radiator primarily for decorative purposes. Specifically, you don’t like the way yours looks in the room or draws attention. If this is your main concern, you have other options as well. Older cast iron radiators are capable of transforming the look of your space without a cover. Actually, those radiators can look like they are professionally designed. Many of the radiators made during the Victorian era were cast with designs in them. This gives them a very nice appeal. You wouldn’t even want to cover these they are so beautiful. They can also be found with more modern plumbing fixtures used in reproductions of the older styles. This way, you get the benefit of the look and the function of the newer models.

Having radiator covers is always a good idea.

The look of the radiator is still the primary reason why these simple to use and inexpensive covers make such a quick solution to the problem. They come in a variety of baked enamel finishes, as well.  You are sure to find a colour that will work with your home’s decor. Or, if your prefer, you can order one of the faux wood designs to give your cover a more furniture-looking appeal.

There are both basic and higher end covers available. Basic covers would include the same standard things like a lid and vents, but with much less styling. The lids on custom models will often be insulated and hinged for better durability. Also, your custom designed cover can be sized specifically for your space and the vents and other features can be built to your specifications. You’ll end up paying more for these features, but you’ll have a one-of-a-kind cover.

The greatest benefit of the cover for your radiator may not even be in the decor department. You may find that the heating efficiency benefit outweighs the other. What this refers to is how the cover can help direct or project the heat into your room, rather than have it just rise to the ceiling as heat will do anyway. In this regard, the £50 price for a basic cover or £300 price you can spend on custom radiator covers seems like a better investment.

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